About Dr. Susan Maples

Dr. Susan Maples is a practicing dentist, author, key opinion leader and speaker.

She is the author of Brave Parent: Raising Healthy, Happy Kids Against All Odds in Today’s World and BlabberMouth: 77 Secrets Only Your Mouth Can Tell You to Live a Healthier, Happier, Sexier Life, Originator of the Children’s Hands-On Learning Lab ™, SelfScreen.net, and Total Health Academy.

Susan is also an avid runner, walker, strength trainer, cyclist, snow skier, snowboarder and…sleeper. She loves to cook healthy foods, entertain good conversationalists, see the best in others, and laugh….a lot.


Brave Parent Book

Brave Parent

So, you want to know what it will take to assure your child will grow up to become a healthy and happy young adult in today’s world? Dr. Susan Maples finally cracks the code on the most critical contemporary elements, and she passionately delivers the recipe. By making the bold decisions you know are best, you’ll help inspire a new generation filled with longevity, optimal health, and happiness— beginning in your own house.

BlabberMouth Book


Engaging and often irreverent, BlabberMouth! covers the full spectrum of oral and total health and includes a quick-start to health in every chapter, plus many stories from the dental chair. We also share 77 Secrets that your mouth would love to tell you.


“Disrupting the status quo with a heap of creativity and genuine humanism is what she is about. Prepare your smile muscles for a workout and be sure to carry a tissue because Susan believes learning should be a full-contact sport!”

Published Books

Speaking Engagements



“Often our greatest challenges morph into our most precious gifts. I have experienced myself how a child can take the driver’s seat for a lifetime of health. I am passionate about helping you teach your children how to drive, navigate, avoid potholes, and avert life-threatening obstacles.”

– Dr. Susan Maples

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Whether for parenting conferences, mom’s groups, PTAs, or anywhere that parents need to be empowered and a focus on children’s health needs to be highlighted, Dr. Susan Maples would love to supercharge the movement for creating healthier and happier children.